PGA Golfer Responds To Tiger Woods Tweet, Gets Blowtorched By Fan With AMAZING Burn

by 2 years ago

Stephen Ames is a 52-year-old golfer on the PGA Tour with 4 career wins under his belt. He’s typically a guy that flies under the radar. His career earnings peaked back in 2003 when he brought home $3,303,205 after finishing 19th on the PGA tour, but he made over $2 million each year on the tour from 2006 to 2009. All of that sounds awesome to people like you and me who don’t get paid millions to play golf, and it’s been a very respectable career for Stephen Ames.

If you missed the news from over the weekend, LPGA golfer Lexi Thompson lost out on winning the first Major Championship of the season after a fan called in to report a rules violation which cost her a 4-stroke penalty, and ultimately the championship. Tiger Woods weighed in on this rules infraction on Twitter, then Stephen Ames responded, and that was followed by a fan on Twitter setting Stephen Ames’ entire life on fire with the best burn I’ve seen in a long time:

SNo mercy, the Cobra Kai way. This response to that tweet sums it up well:

Sadly, the thing that many golf fans will remember Stephen for is getting his ass whooped by Tiger Woods back in 2006 (Ames finished 43rd on the money list that year). Fans don’t forget. Twitter never forgets. And I’m sure that Stephen Ames has never forgotten the day that Tiger Woods pulled out his schlong on the course. Ames talked a little shit about Tiger before that match back in 2006, jabbering on about how Tiger wasn’t really all that good. Then he was dealt the most fatal loss of his career.

If anyone can get a pulse on Stephen Ames I think we could all feel better at night knowing that he’s still alive after that insane burn.

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