Stephen A. Smith Floors Kellerman, Orlovsky And Qerim With A Terrible Hot Take About Patrick Mahomes

Stephen A Smith Delivers A Horrible Patrick Mahomes Alex Smith Take

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Stephen A. Smith, your lack of football knowledge is showing again! You were doing so good too!

And then today happened.

On Tuesday during First Take, our man Screamin’ A. dropped a hot take about Patrick Mahomes so bad that even people who are used to his bad takes, Max Kellerman, Dan Orlovsky and Molly Qerim, couldn’t believe he said it.

You ready for this?

Stephen A. said that Alex Smith could just as easily have taken the Kansas City Chiefs to Super Bowl LIV like Mahomes did. (As a Tennessee Titans fan I am offended. Mahomes almost singlehandedly beat my team on Sunday.)

His exact take was “As great as you look,” referring to Mahomes, “it is also helped, because unlike basketball, you can’t just put the ball in the hole. You Patrick Mahomes, you need those brothers to get open. You need them to run the right routes. You need them to be as effective as they’ve been. And I’m telling you right… that these brothers are elite. They’re special. And that helps along the way.

“Now, do I think that Alex Smith, for example, could have done what Patrick Mahomes has done? In terms of numbers? Not necessarily so. But do I think that Alex Smith could have gone to the Super Bowl this year with that group. Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Yes, I do.”

It was at that point that Orlovsky’s blood pressure spiked to a very unhealthy level.

Poor Dan.