Steve Harvey Forgives Gronk For Spiking His Lego Head On NYE And Admits It Was ‘An Act’


Steve Harvey is letting bygones be bygones in the new year. The Family Feud host said that he forgives Rob Gronkowski for destroying a Lego sculpture of Harvey’s head. Harvey also revealed that the New Year’s Eve stunt was all an act.

During the Fox New Year’s Eve 2020 countdown TV show, Gronkowski took the Lego bust of Steve Harvey and spiked it, creating a mess of hundreds of pieces on the ground. Let’s just hope that nobody stepped on one of those jagged Lego blocks.

Days after the demolition of the Steve Harvey Lego head, Gronk told the world that he regrets nothing.

Gronk shared a photo of him in mid-spike on Instagram with the caption: “Yep! I absolutely Gronk Spiked LEGO Steve to spike the New Year off!! Sorry but had to do it!!”

TMZ Sports caught up with Harvey on Saturday and asked Steve if he was really pissed at Gronkowski. Harvey admitted that the destruction of the Lego head was scripted as anyone with two eyes could tell. “That was an act, man,” Harvey said.

Harvey pointed out that if Gronk didn’t destroy the Lego statue, then his wife would have. “Bro, my wife ain’t gonna let me put no Lego statue of myself up in our house,” Harvey joked. “Yeah, it was gonna be in the trash anyway.”

“Gronk’s a cool dude,” Harvey said. “I like him.”

While Gronk received no punishment and roams free following his destruction of property, his former New England Patriots teammate can’t say the same. Pats wide receiver Julian Edelman was arrested on Saturday night for damaging a car. Edelman “hopped” on top of a car in Beverly Hills and caused damage to the vehicle. Edelman, who was reportedly out drinking with friends before the incident, was arrested, charged with misdemeanor vandalism, and released. He left with his friends.

Gronk isn’t the only one smashing terrible items. Jimmy Kimmel must have seen the Gronk-Harvey NYE special and recruited wrestler John Cena to destroy awful Christmas gifts. However, Cena obliterated holiday presents with a giant wooden mallet ร  la Gallagher the watermelon-smashing comedian.