Texas Coach Steve Sarkisian Has Blunt Response To Video Of Assistant Bo Davis Cursing At Players

Steve Sarkisian Bo Davis Video Response

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  • Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian is standing by his coaches.
  • After a video went viral of one of his assistants yelling at players, Sark praised the “passion.”
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Earlier this week, a video went viral from after Texas football’s blowout loss to Iowa State. In the video, Longhorns defensive line coach Bo Davis can be heard yelling at his players for laughing and joking on the bus ride home.

On multiple occasions, Davis curses profusely toward the players.

“Some of you motherf—ers need to get in the transfer portal,” he says, in part. “You want to go? Get in the motherf—er. This s— ain’t a game to me.If you think it’s a game, get the f—k off of this bus. I got my a— kicked, and you motherf—ers want to laugh? S—t’s f—king real! You think it’s a godd—n joke, and some of you mother—ers do… TRANSFER OUT. OF. THIS. MOTHERF—ER.”

Here is the NSFW video in full:

It is unclear as to who filmed the video of Davis’ rant, whether it be a player, coach or otherwise. Regardless of who was behind the camera, he or she sparked some serious controversy.

While many people were quick to pounce all over Davis for his behavior, those people have never played competitive sports, let alone college football.

As is no surprise, Dan Wolken was among them.

On the other side of the spectrum, there were quite a few people, if not the majority, who were quick to defend his passion. Many were upset that the exchanged was filmed in the first place.

Head coach Steve Sarkisian responded to the video on Thursday and was very clear about what he thought. He loved the passion.

Sarkisian even went so far as to say that he was encouraged that the Texas program now has “men that stand for what we believe in. We’re here to build the culture that we want.”

He did not see it as even one iota of a distraction.

However, he did not love that the video leaked in the first place.

“It’s unfortunate that a young man decided to do that,” Sarkisian said.

Good for Sarkisian. In a world where it is often easier to succumb to public pressure, he is standing by his staff.

Texas will now turn its attention to an abysmal Kansas team on Saturday. It will need to beat two of three remaining opponents to reach bowl elgibility: the Jayhawks, West Virginia and/or Kansas State.