Study Reveals The NBA’s Most Pessimistic Fanbases Leading To A+ Social Media Reaction

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A recent study attempted to discover which organizations had the most pessimistic fans in the NBA. The research compiled social media activity from each of the league’s 30 teams’ online fanbases.

The findings in the report are surprising, and they now have many followers posting their reactions.

The study was conducted by Replay Poker, and it shows the percentage of negative tweets posted for each individual fanbase. It took into account “75,000 tweets for negative sentiment,” then ranked the top 10 squads.

The Heat take the top spot, quickly followed by the Knicks, Warriors, and Sixers. The Bulls, Nets, and Nuggets made the list, too.

There are certainly some surprises, most notably at the top with Miami. I was also surprised to see Denver and Minnesota in the top 10 while the Lakers were somehow left off.

Los Angeles fans seem to bash their team nightly as the Lakers continue to struggle for a second-straight season.

Of course, it’s not shocking at all to see a team like the Knicks near the top of the list. Seeing Brooklyn, Philly, and Chicago is realistic, too.

Many online agreed, and they were quick to post their reactions on social media. Take a look.

One fan said, “Lakers not being on here removes all credibility.” Have to agree.

Another fan commented, “Knew the Knicks had to be top two in the NBA.”

Of course, there’s a solution for the negative nellies.

This fan has already figured that out, saying, “Portland fans aren’t stressed because we are dead inside.”

The Trailblazers are 24-26 this season after going just 27-55 last year. Another losing campaign could be on the way.

Now, how much weight you put in this study is up to you. If there is a lesson in this at all, it’s to choose a bad team to root for. That way, you won’t care enough to air your frustrations online.

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