Just A Couple Of Bros Surfing Alongside Great White Sharks, Trying Not To Poop In Their Board Shorts

I’m not here to sensationalize shark attacks or great white sharks at all, all I’m doing today is sharing this this chill video of some stand up paddleboard surfers paddling alongside multiple great white sharks in Huntington Beach, California. In terms of natural disasters it’s been a pretty tame news cycle so far this summer for mainstream media, so it seems like FOX, CNN, NBC, and CBS and gone ALL-IN on their shark attack coverage. It seems like every single day they’re reporting a new shark attack. The fact of the matter is there haven’t been any more shark attacks this year than in years past, they’re just getting more attention.

What’s not getting attention is this super chill video of SUP surfers inhabiting the waters off Huntington Beach in SoCal alongside a whole school of Great White sharks. This video’s awesome, because it takes a few of my favorite things and combines them together: sharks, surfing, SUP, and GoPro videos that are not obnoxious. I love it, just some bros, sharks, and good times. Here are some of the highlights in GIF:

(video via @JukinVideo)