Surfing Has Never Looked This Badass Before: Night Surfing Morocco Using LED Boards

by 4 years ago

The waves don’t just go to sleep at night, not always at least. But the problem with night surfing is a complete lack of light to see when a wave is coming. Without being able to see the waves it’s virtually impossible to paddle into them. Therefore in order to do any ‘night surfing’ you typically need to set up cars with headlights facing into the break, which is a pain in the ass because most beaches don’t allow vehicles, though the guys in this video appear to have gone next level.

They’re wearing headlamps to be able to see better, appear to have some massive external light source (in addition to the moon), and are surfing on LED surfboards. Though the latter doesn’t really provide any light for practical purposes, holy shit snacks does it look awesome on film. Henceforth ALL NIGHT SURFING should be done on boards with LED lights. Also, am I the only one who didn’t know Morocco was an incredible surfing destination?

A) This is the sickest surfing footage I think I’ve ever seen.
B) It’s always a good idea to make yourself more visible to sharks at night, always.

Let’s watch the highlights in GIF once more, because why not?

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