Bro Charges Massive Wave While Holding 2nd Board Switches Surfboards Mid-Wave, Somehow Doesn’t Die

California’s Newport Beach is home to ‘The Wedge,’ one of the most famous waves in the world. Famous for being both massive, dangerous, and often unpredictable. This guy makes The Wedge his bitch.

The wave itself is already difficult enough, it’s reserved for boogieboarders and experienced surfers when The Wedge is going off. This guy doesn’t care about convention though, he’s out there riding one board while holding another and somehow decides mid-wave that it is in his best interest to switch boards, because fuck logic, amirite? The action starts at 10:32…..

I’m still in disbelief and we need to watch that once more in GIF:

Again, WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH?!?!?!???? Also, in the spirit of full disclosure: this footage came from a swell back in August, this video isn’t from this week.


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