Swaggy P Calls Out Golden State Fans On Twitter, Gets Dumped On By Said Fans

Twitter is not an ally of Nick Young aka Swaggy P. I’ll go a step further, technology is not an ally of Swaggy P. Ever since the video of the dude admitting he smashed some rando, he’s been taking Internet L’s all over his face like a porn star in a gangbang video. Between his side chicks leaking his texts and his fiance threatening to cut his dick off if he can’t keep it in his pants, the dude can’t buy a win. So, obviously, he took his bad luck to Twitter on Friday night and got absolutely scorched by his followers as a reward.

Wow, two in a row. Swaggy Hot Takes. Slow your roll, pal. Maybe check what app you’re using on your phone. You’re not texting one of your side pieces, you’re tweeting to the world. And the world hates you, as evident by the responses you elicited. Remember pal, you play for the Lakers and put a ring on questionably the worst female musician of all time. You don’t have to be well-liked to be famous.