Golf World Clowns A Profusely Sweaty Lucas Glover’s Fit At FedEx Cup Warm-Up

Lucas Glover tees off at the BMW Championship.

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A sweaty Lucas Glover was spotted in Atlanta this week as he prepares for the FedEx Cup. He appears to be battling the elements as much as the course.

The golfer was photographed absolutely drenched during a recent practice round, leading to a hilarious reaction on social media.

The now viral picture is making its way around Twitter as followers question the PGA Tour star’s choice of outfit.

Glover is a known sweater as the original poster points out. In fact, his proneness for absolutely leaking from his sweat glands recently landed his caddie a partnership with DUDE Wipes.

The 95-degree weather in Georgia isn’t helping his cause, nor is the golfer’s getup.

Glover appeared to be wearing a grey cotton shirt, both huge no-no’s when attempting to hide your perspiration. Fans and followers online were quick to point it out.

The absolute worst combination.

A lesson you would’ve thought the South Carolina native had already learned.

Lucas Glover hasn’t let that sweatiness affect his play this year. He enters the FedEx Cup with a fifth place standing meaning he’ll kick off the tournament at -5. That will put him five strokes behind No. 1 performer Scottie Scheffler as he looks to bring home a championship.

Unfortunately for him, it’s only going to get hotter as the weekend approaches. Temperatures are expected to stay around 98 degrees for the majority of the weekend, topping out at 100 degrees on Saturday.