Swiss Youth Soccer Squad Mocks Neymar By Performing A Comical Team Flopping Drill

swiss youth soccer neymar flopping

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Neymar has had a pretty darn good World Cup so far for Brazil scoring a couple of goals. Heck, he’s outlasted his contemporary stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the tournament if nothing else.

However, as many have noted on social media, and has been chronicled by RTS Sport, Neymar has also spent almost 14 minutes on the ground in apparent agony during his four games in this year’s World Cup.

swiss youth soccer neymar flopping drill

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Many people, including myself, use flopping as one of the reasons we have a hard time taking international soccer seriously.

Which is why it’s doubly funny that a Swiss youth soccer team decided that because one of the sport’s biggest star is all about that flopping game, they too would spend some quality practice time performing a “flopping drill.”

According to Google Translate, the tweet reads, “Swiss football clubs have added ‘Neymar exercises’ to ‘football training’ in the lower buildings!!”

Don’t know what it means by “the lower buildings,” but it’s funny.

This too is funny…

As is this…

And this…

Okay, that’s enough piling on poor, poor Neymar.

[For The Win]

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