Sylvester Stallone Has Been On Fire Sharing Rocky-Themed Super Bowl Memes Supporting His Eagles

Sylvester Stallone Rocky Super Bowl Memes

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Sylvester Stallone’s Instagram been on fire this week as Sly has been sharing one Rocky-themed Super Bowl LII meme after another starring his beloved Philadelphia Eagles laying the hurt on the despised New England Patriots.

Can’t really blame Stallone since some evil Patriots fans did the unthinkable and put a Tom Brady jersey on the Rocky statue in Philadelphia.

AStallone won’t be at the game, he’ll be watching it at home, but as you can see from the photo above of Sly wearing the #22 jersey of his childhood hero, running back Timmy Brown, at the opening of Lincoln Financial Field back in 2003, he will most definitely be in the Eagles’ corner when the game kicks off on Sunday.

“I think Tom Brady is the greatest of all time,” Stallone told the LA Times. “The Pats are incredible. But I’m an underdog guy, what can I say? Enough!”

Check out some of the great memes and photos Sly has been using to do a little social media trash talk during the NFL playoffs…

“I have been a diehard Eagles fan since I was 15 years old and lived in Philly! I guess this ring proves it !! The team gave it to me and put the name Rocky on the side! My pride and joy!”

“Birds of a feather fly together and we are going to soar this weekend! Go Eagles!!!”

“Now here is a statue that REALLY knows how to dress like a WINNER!!!!! I have tremendous respect for Tom Brady and the Patriots, but “… It’s about how much you can TAKE and keep moving forward! That’s how WINNIN’ is done!!!!” EAGLES BY KNOCKOUT!!!”

“Go for it! Philadelphia eagles going to fly high in the Super Bowl!”

“Fly Eagles fly!… Like I said before I have tremendous respect for Tom Brady and the patriots but they are up against Destiny! …The EAGLES ARE COMING !!!! Philly is the UNDERDOG that’s is Ripping into the BIG DOG and coming out the TOP DOG!!! … All you need to do is Believe …”

“We Know how this one turned out ….. We know who’s going to win the Super bowl …. UNDERDOG TO TOPDOG!”

“The bigger they are the harder they fall!”

“Hang on EAGLES you can do it !!!”

“The EAGLES are going OVER THE TOP! Tom Brady in the Greatest of All Time BUT NOW IT IS EAGLE -TIME!”