Imagine Walking Into Your Kid’s Swimming Lesson And 7-Foot-7 Tacko Fall Is In The Same Class

by 10 months ago
tacko fall learning to swim

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Imagine rolling into the Boys and Girls Club as a young kid for some swimming lessons and you see a 7-foot-7 bald guy in the pool getting set to take the same exact lesson as you are. Well, that was a reality for some kids in Charlestown earlier this week as Tacko Fall decided to learn how to swim.

That’s Carsen Edwards alongside Fall in the picture above; Edwards is 6-foot-1 and Fall makes him look like he’s 4-foot-8. Now picture him next to, say, a six-year-old that’s 4-foot-1, it’s tough to even picture, but that was the scenario.

According to, Fall and his swimming buddies learned how to push off the wall and even played some Marco Polo. I’m going to guess Fall did pretty well in that game seeing as how his wingspan is 8-foot-4. Those kids didn’t stand a chance.

“I never learned how to swim, which is crazy because I lived right by the ocean back in Senegal. I don’t want to say I was a homebody, but my mom wouldn’t let me go out a lot. I used to go to school and go back home, but I never really got to enjoy the beaches as much.”

Fall went to UCF in Orlando so he wasn’t too far from the ocean during his college days as well. There’s also the fact that a lot of these athletes now do aquatic workouts and rehab, but being 7-foot-7 Fall can stand up in pretty much every pool.

Most of the pools I, and I’m sure a lot of you reading this, grew up going to weren’t deeper than eight-feet deep, so Fall could probably stand in those on his toes. While we’re diving headfirst into the ‘deep-end’ Fall is over there just chilling.

Hats off to Fall for learning how to swim. Not many 23-year-olds that don’t know how to swim would have the guts to go to swimming lessons next to a bunch of young kids. Not to mention, the kids in that class will never forget that moment they learned how to swim next to one of the tallest dudes to ever play in the NBA.

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