Tashaun Gipson Left A Steamy Turd On The Browns’ Franchise When Describing Why He Signed With Jaguars

I don’t need to tell you that the Cleveland Browns are the most fucked up franchise in all of sports—you’re probably smart enough to know that for yourself. And between the Browns drafting and releasing Johnny Manziel and then getting blasted about players treating the team like college, “four years and I’m out,” shit has miserable in the Dawg Pound.

So, knowing that, it’s understandable why the team’s safety for the past four seasons, Tashaun Gipson, wanted out of Cleveland, deciding to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars instead—but his reasoning for doing so is a steamy dump all over his now former team.

According to Fox Sports, Gipson said during his introductory press conference that he chose the Jags because he’s ready “to start winning,” which is hilarious considering the Jags, you know, suck.

No, seriously, in the four years that Gipson has been in the NFL, the Browns have a regular season record of 19-45 and zero playoff appearances, where the Jags are 14-50 with no postseason experience.

I mean, I don’t blame the guy for bolting a city known as “The Mistake by the Lake,” but shitting on the entire Browns franchise by saying that “winning” was the reason to join the just-as-shitty Jaguars is a little much. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the $35.5 million Jacksonville tossed at him at all.

[H/T Fox Sports]