Meet Taylor Mathis, A Stunning University Of Iowa Grad Who Wants To Be The Next Erin Andrews


Here at BroBible, we’re all about the next big thing. Three years ago someone told us about Olivia Harlan, a “rising star” sports reporter/sorority girl at the University of Georgia. The second we saw her highlight reel, we knew she was destine for huge things in the world of broadcast sports media. This past August — almost three years later — our bet paid dividends: Harlan scored a highly-coveted national gig for ESPN.

So now it’s time to ask… Who is the *next* up-and-comer? May we suggest Taylor Mathis, a Midwesterner who just graduated from the University of Iowa. During her tenure there and in a post-grad gig in Nebraska,  Mathis amassed over 9,000 followers on her Instagram, @chisportschick.

Mathis hit us up recently about being featured here on BroBible. So we sent her some questions so we could get to know someone who might be a household name like Erin Andrews some day.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Where’d you go to school? What are you currently up to?

My name is Taylor I just turned 23, I’m from the Chicago area. A really small town called Sandwich (I’ve heard all the jokes) haha I just graduated from the University of Iowa in May. It was the best four years of my life! I am currently working as a TV sports reporter in Nebraska! I pretty much cover everything within the entire state, and obviously a lot on the Huskers.

Favorite sports team? 

Picking one sports team as my favorite is so difficult. But if I had to choose I would have to go with the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs were the first team I started paying attention to when I was younger, I was obsessed with Derek Lee!

When your backyard is like a tropical resort>>>> 🏊☀️👙🐠🌻🌺🌸

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Best sports moment of all time? 

Best sports moment of all time that I have experienced would have to be attending my first Cubs game when I was 5. My grandpa is a die hard Cubs fan, he took me to the game, told me about all the players and taught me how to do a scorecard. He also explained to me what the reporters were doing on the field, and he told me that he thought I would be great at something like that. At five I wanted to be a professional hula hooper hahaha, but later in life I realized my grandpa was right and I fell in love with sports broadcasting.

Best sports moment that I have actually gotten the chance to cover: This season when the Huskers beat at the time, number 7 Michigan State…that was pretty epic! Memorial Stadium went crazy and I got to be right in the middle of the craziness on the field, almost got the Gatorade bucket dumped on me!

Why was the University Of Iowa so awesome?

Iowa is the greatest school ever and I will argue with anyone who says otherwise. I LOVE everything about it there! I had so much fun in my four years there (wish I was still there at times). The bar scene in Iowa is the best…ALWAYS close at Pints! I also met my best friends in the entire world being a part of my sorority so that was awesome! And of course you can’t forget Iowa tailgates and football games! Best part of the year!

Take me back to Mexico 🌞🌴

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Who is your current favorite sports reporter? 

Currently my favorite sports reporter would have to be Olivia Harlan (…who we called “the next Erin Andrews” back in December of 2013). She is the same age I am and she is already working for ESPN which really motivates me to work harder and shows that your age doesn’t always have to be a factor in this business. She is super knowledgeable with sports and she is beautiful!

Rose Bowl ready! Hope my #hawkeyes kill it 😃 Whose going to take it #iowa or #stanford 🌹🌹🌹

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Favorite sideline reporter? 

Favorite sideline reporter is Molly McGrath! I love everything about her she is perfect! Knows sports, worked her way up to a position with FOX Sports, and she is stunning! A few people have said we look alike so I take that as a HUGE compliment!

Dream job? 

My dream job like every hopeful sports reporter is to work for ESPN someday, but for me I would love to work at the Big Ten Network at sometime throughout my career and the MLB Network! I love baseball and all Big Ten sports!

Smile because it's Sunday and I get to go home to Illinois in just one week😊😊😊😊

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The person I most admire in sports media is ____.

The person I most admire in sports media is Erin Andrews. As a female she has really paved the path for women to be able to get into a field that is dominated by men. I believe she is an idol for any girl that is trying to get into the sports broadcasting field.

Take me back to my pool and relaxing summertime before I had a job taking over my life 😩

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Favorite athlete? 

Favorite athlete currently is Anthony Rizzo!!!! 🙂 Amazing player who is going to lead the Cubs to a World Series win in 2016 😉 and he seems like a great person off of the field as well. He does so much to give back to the community and to his charity and others.

The snow Is coming…break out the comfy hats! ❄️⛄️

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What athlete or coach do you want to interview the most?

I would love to interview Joe Maddon! I think he is a baseball genius and he is hilarious! I would love to sit down and talk with him about baseball and life! Also would love to interview Cam Newton, he’s clearly having an amazing season. He is soon to be this season’s NFL MVP…so many questions I would want to ask him!

What about when it comes to dudes… What’s your dream date?

A quality that I find most attractive in a guy would have to be ambition. I am a really driven person and I have so many goals for myself and what I want to accomplish with my life. Someone who can keep up with that and has their own dreams that they want to reach is a plus!

Since when can sophomores in high school dunk like this?! 🏀 NTV's Athlete of the Week is a sharp shooter 🔫

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What quality do you find the most attractive in a guy?

Favorite guilty pleasure would have to be my obsession with the Bravo TV series Vanderpump Rules…haha so much drama and the people in it are ridiculous but it so addicting!

☔️☔️ go away being back the ☀️ days! I miss warm weather 😩

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Favorite guilty pleasure?

Favorite guilty pleasure would have to be my obsession with the Bravo TV series Vanderpump Rules…haha so much drama and the people in it are ridiculous but it so addicting!

Favorite restaurant?

Favorite place to eat…Anywhere that has pizza! Pizza is the love of my life. I’ll eat it anytime, anywhere.

Daydreaming about 🍕 and 🍩

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Favorite thing to binge watch on Netflix on a rainy day?

FNL!! If you don’t know what that is it’s Friday Night Lights and I suggest you watch it right now. I have watched the entire thing six times and it never gets old! Texas Forever!

Suede skirts are my new favorite thing❤️ #love #fallcolors

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What’s the coolest celebrity encounter you’ve ever had?

I interned with Comcast Sportsnet Chicago in college and got to meet several of the Cubs and Blackhawks players so that was pretty awesome! But I also met Justin Timberlake when I was in California once and that was amazing! Totally a random run in! My mom had nothing for him to sign so he signed her purse!


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Got the whole world shaded 😎

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Finally got to get my tan on today before the Cross Town Classic started! 😊🌻

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Take me back to Mexico 🌞🌴

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