‘Ted Lasso’ And EA Sports Make The Greatest Announcement Ever For FIFA 23

'Ted Lasso' & EA Sports Make The Greatest FIFA 23 Announcement Ever


Ted Lasso quickly became one of the most popular television series. It has everything you’d want in a story plus more. However, considering it takes place in the soccer world, it sounds like the show is getting a new collaboration deal with EA Sports. It might be time to buy FIFA 23 with this latest news.

‘Ted Lasso’ And AFC Richmond To Be A Playable Team In FIFA 23

That’s right. Everyone’s favorite team, AFC Richmond, will be a playable team in EA Sports FIFA 23. Lasso himself is in the game as the head coach, while the players from the show will be on the team as well. To make it even better, they’ll be “usable across multiple game modes,” per Front Office Sports.

Jason Sudeikis seems excited about the collab with EA Sports. The Ted Lasso star states, “Our cast and crew work tremendously hard on this show… We look forward to our fans having the opportunity to play with, play as, and even play against their favorite AFC Richmond characters.”

EA Sports also offers a quick look at the team and coaching staff for their FIFA 23 debut.

We can’t wait to get our hands on a copy and play as AFC Richmond. Who else is ready to win a championship in the Premier League with Ted Lasso and the gang?

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