The Tennessee Titans Social Media Account Got Salty AF When Someone Corrected Their Careless Mistake

tennessee titans social media mexico flag italy


See those two flags up there? The one on the left is the flag of Italy. The one on the right is the flag of Mexico. You’ll notice that other than the coat of arms on the Mexican flag they are almost identical. But they’re not. And it kind of matters.

Which is why when the Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos decided to show their support for Mexico in the wake of this week’s devastating earthquake in Mexico City, it was rather important that they make that distinction.

Then again, if the teams would have left that pesky coat of arms on the flag in their tweets they would not have been able to promote themselves and their brands and fully capitalize on this tragedy.

While most people on Twitter and Instagram treated both teams like this…

Not everyone was able to keep quiet.

In fact, when the error was pointed out to whoever runs the Titans social media accounts they got downright nasty…

tennessee titans social media mexican flag italy

Poor Adam Price. He’s going to need a whole lot of salve for that sick burn.

H/T Deadspin