Terrell Owens Is Attempting To Make An NFL Comeback With The 49ers At 49 Years Old

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Terrell Owens is one of the best wide receivers to ever play in the NFL. Owens, a Pro Football Hall Of Famer, probably should have gone in on the first ballot.

The UT-Chattanooga product made six Pro Bowls and was a five-time First-Team All-Pro selection. He ranks sixth all-time with 1,078 career receptions, third all-time with 15,934 yards, and third all-time with 153 receiving touchdowns.

Simply put, T.O. was a generation-defining wide receiver. But he was also known for his outlandish personality. Who could forget him doing sit-ups in his driveway while holding out of Eagles practice?

Or his impassioned defense of former Dallas Cowboys teammate Tony Romo?

Wherever Terrell Owens goes, the cameras quickly follow. Now it appears Owens may be going back to the place where it all began, San Francisco.

Terrell Owens Says He Contacted 49ers GM Jed York About Making A Comeback

At 49 years old, Owens is now long-removed from the NFL. In fact, he’s made a pretty good case for a second career inside a boxing ring.

But it appears that he’s still got football on the brain. And even 12 years out from his last NFL game, Owens believes he could still play in the NFL. In a recent interview on San Francisco radio station 95.7 The Game, he told hosts that a return to playing isn’t out of the question.

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” Owens said. “Hey look, man, I’ve already kind of sprinkled some words out there. Like yo, if you guys need a receiver, I’m good. Listen here: third down, red zone, trust me. I’m a very valuable asset.

“I’ve been training … I’m already ready, I’ve already reached out to Jed York, I’ve already told him, ‘Yo, if you need somebody, I’m definitely a viable (option).” – via CBS Sports

As we all know, T.O. loves himself some T.O. But don’t tell me you wouldn’t at least be a little bit curious to see this happen.