A Former Teammate Of Terrelle Pryor At OSU And Cleveland Completely Trashed Him On Ohio Radio

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Terrelle Pryor has impressed many with the year he has had at wide receiver this year for the Cleveland Browns. The former quarterback has had himself a solid season hauling in 67 passes for 877 yards and 4 touchdowns, leading many to think he could be in line for a big payday.

Not among those people believing that, however, is former teammate at Ohio State and Cleveland, Brian Hartline. Hartline, who caught passes from Pryor while at Ohio State in 2008, held little back when talking about Pryor and his future as an NFL wide receiver on 105.7 the Zone in Columbus.

“If I’m building a team, what is [Pryor]?” said Hartline, a GlenOak High School graduate who spent six seasons with the Miami Dolphins and one with the Browns. “Is he my No. 1? God, I hope not because let’s put it this way: For me, I want a guy day in and day out I know what I’m getting. You don’t know what you’re going to get. You don’t know who’s going to show up. You don’t know if he’s going to get in trouble. You don’t know if he’s going to smart off. I need stability. That’s so more important to me. I need a guy that runs routes. I need stability. I need constant production. Is he a No. 2? OK, yeah. I mean maybe. He kind of disappeared the last couple weeks.

“So I’m very apprehensive as a Cleveland Browns guy to give out a contract. Listen, you had one year. You’re a flash in the pan. You’re trying to tell me with a guy that had suspect personality characteristics, I’m going to go ahead and hand you a bunch of money but you’re going to work harder? Uh, I think I’m going to bet against that if I’m a betting man.”

Hartline also expressed what he thinks the mindset of the Browns and their fans might be when it comes to Pryor…

“I think we’re trying to grab any kind of success as a Cleveland fan. What are we talking about? We’re talking about a receiver who might reach 1,000 yards. Which is fine.”

“He’s being productive. At no point is he being dominant. He’s doing more than we thought, and that’s the reaction. I wish him well. And by the way, as a Cleveland Browns fan, guys, hey, alert everybody: It’s OK to let guys go and let them be successful elsewhere, as long as they don’t fit your mold. Just have a plan.

Sorry, Brian, unfortunately, that might be easier said than done because I don’t think the Browns have had a plan for some time now.


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