Texans Rookie KJ Dillon Stuck With Team Dinner Bill As Expensive As My Entire Rent For The Year

by 3 years ago
Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means!! Showing gratitude for your loved ones Tentatively looking at your bank account after every purchase because you spent your entire paycheck on a set of golf clubs for your dad that he’ll use twice a year!!

I guess I shouldn’t speak for everyone. Some, like 23-year-old Houston Texans safety KJ Dillon, don’t need to think that critically about financial standing, seeing as he this summer he signed a  four year, $2,574,936 contract with the Texans.

Dillon and several of his Texans teammates went out to dinner to celebrate their comeback win against the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend. Their bill for the two hour dinner was the monetary equivalent to a 2017 Hyundai Elantra with power steering. Instead of handing the waitress 42 different cards, the Texans vets left Dillon with the $16,255 bill ($19,506 if we’re including a 20% tip).

22 Hennessey Imperial’s at $350 a pop is a tough pill to swallow, especially:


Dillon got the house salad for a reasonable $12.95. That is 1/1,506 of the total bill.


Hey, reason it how you will, KJ.

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