Unhinged Texas A&M Fan Suggests Hiring Hitman To Save Money On Jimbo Fisher’s Buyout During ‘Finebaum’ Show

Texas A&M Fan Floats Hitman To Save Money On Jimbo Fisher Buyout

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2022 has been a very long and very strange trip for Jimbo Fisher and the football program at Texas A&M, both of whom have largely failed to live up to the incredibly lofty expectations of a team that headed into the season after landing the top recruiting class in the country (which may or may not have something to do with the pricey NIL deals that became a very hot topic of conversation earlier this year).

The Aggies are currently 3-2 courtesy of losses at the hands of Appalachian State and Mississippi State, and their head coach has seen his seat grow increasingly hotter with each week that passes—one that’s poised to become absolutely scalding when you consider Alabama is favored to win by 24 points heading into their contest against A&M in Tuscaloosa on Saturday.

Many of the A&M fans who’ve spent the year vying against Notre Dame and Ohio State supporters for the unenviable title of College Football’s Most Insufferable Fanbase have become increasingly fed up with Fisher. Unfortunately for them, he doesn’t really have much incentive to do anything different when you consider he’ll be handed a buyout to the tune of $85.6 million if he’s fired this year (while it will decrease each season, his current contract runs until 2031).

However, one Aggies fan who called into Paul Finebaum’s radio show on Thursday has come up with a proposal to solve that problem and save the school some money in the process—and it is a doozy.

A Texas A&M fan implied it would be cheaper to hire a hitman to kill Jimbo Fisher than pay him the buyout he’ll receive if he’s fired

If you’ve ever subjected yourself to a steady diet of sports radio, you’re likely very aware it has the tendency to attract some incredibly, um, special callers with some equally unique ideas.

However, I can firmly say I have never encountered anything as wild as what unfolded than what “Roger from Texas” floated while addressing the current situation in College Station on The Paul Finebaum Show, as he closed out his call by saying, “As far as Jimbo’s contract—that $90 million contract—a hitman costs a lot less than that. Thank you and have a great day, Paul.”


You can’t make this stuff up.

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