Texas A&M Students Are Bringing Heat By Posting Signs About Nick Saban And His Daughter On Yeti



Here comes another gem from Yeti Campus Stories. They are on FIRE this week, with this one capable of burning the entire city of College Station down—although, those in Tuscaloosa are the ones feeling the heat.

As most of us know, there were some interesting rumors regarding Bama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin and the Nick Saban’s daughter a few weeks ago. To sum it all up, the Internet was absolutely, positively, no doubt about it convinced that Kiffin had boned Kristen Saban, with Daniel Tosh even mocking the whole thing on Twitter since, you know, he looks a lot like that skeeze Kiffin.

Those rumors were just that, rumors, but that hasn’t stopped Texas A&M fans—Bama’s opponent this weekend—from having some fun with it all, absolutely KILLIN’ the situation with signs that would make Saban, and any other dad, cringe.

Oh, college, how I miss thee.