LeBron James Now Has A Weed Strain Named After Him And It Could Be Good News For The Lakers

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Now that the NBA season has officially wrapped up, the mania over where LeBron James will decide to play now that he’s a free agent has kicked into high gear. There were countless reports speculating where the superstar would end up next year ahead of the off-season, and now that it’s wrapped up, a few frontrunners have already emerged.

There have been rumors James could decide to ruin the NBA forever by joining the Warriors, but if other reports (and Las Vegas sportsbooks) are to be believed, there’s a good chance he ends up in Los Angeles, where he could possibly form a super squad of his own. When you consider LeBron has a production company there and a son who’s committed to play at a school in the city, it seems like a pretty solid fit.

Based on their previous season, landing LeBron would be a godsend to the Lakers and their fans, and one Los Angeles native is already celebrating his city’s attempts to land him. On Thursday, The Game hopped on Instagram to announce his marijuana company Trees By Game had created a strain called “LA Bron James.”


It’s unclear if this is a new strain specifically targeted to ease any pain you might have in your hand after punching a blackboard or if it was simply a preexisting one that had been renamed in LeBron’s honor. James has previously admitted to smoking weed in high school and his wife was spotted cheifing what appeared to be a blunt at a World Series game, so while this probably won’t be enough to lure him to LA, I’m sure he appreciates the gesture.