The WWE Was Apparently Pissed At The Rock For Going Off Script On ‘Raw’ But IT DOESN’T MATTER What They Think

The Rock made his triumphant return to Raw last week and brought the pain with his usual artistry on the mic and generally hilarious, magnetic presence. Watching him work the crowd and do his thing, especially since it’s so rare these days, was a stark reminder of the special level that only he lives on, far above the very best of what the current WWE roster has to offer.

So when the box office golden boy makes a special appearance on your show that has the entire crowd foaming at the mouth, you sit back and let him do whatever he wants, knowing it’s going to be a massive ratings spike, right? Wrong.


WWE management was not happy with The Rock going off the script during his segment on RAW last week. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, some WWE staffers were reportedly “freaking out” backstage when The Rock decided to interrupt his promo to talk to fans in the front row dressed as WWE Hall of Famers.

Here’s the aforementioned “off script” moment:

Of course, the mere mention of the banished Hulk Hogan would be enough to send Vince McMahon into a Tasmanian Devil-like spin, but these were avid fans dressed up as WWE legends who paid for ringside seats, and the exchange was fucking hilarious. Yes, the weed was good in Miami that night.

And let’s be real here. It’s The Rock. This is WHAT HE DOES. This is why The Rock is THE ROCK. He said as much on Twitter.

According to those in the know, anyone outside of John Cena would’ve been fired for doing such a thing. Probably because there’s no bigger nightmare for Vince McMahon than giving the fans exactly what they want.


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