Here’s The Cubs’ Theo Epstein Trashed With All-Star Anthony Rizzo, Belting Out Some Karaoke



The MLB season is a long grind, with 162 games (if not more) stretching over a five-month period. That kind of intense pressure can weigh on some guys—which is why there have been some hilarious beer moments in the sport’s history.


One drunken moment that might not make that list of great ones, though, is this karaoke sesh featuring Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein and All-Star first basemen Anthony Rizzo, who hit the fucking town last night and took to the mic for a bro-fest.

With Epstein having two World Series rings from his time as the Boston Red Sox GM, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he knows what he’s doing—just keeping his star player loose, right?



But, seeing as how the Cubbies are holding onto the second NL Wild Card spot by a few games and are trying to end their 106-year World Series title drought, seeing Theo and Rizzo look cross-eyed as they toss back the booze might not be the best look for supporters of the North Siders.

Fuck it, though, these guys know how to party, so let the lion out of its cage.

[H/T Sports Grid]