Gripping Throwback Video Of Mike Tyson Crying Before Fight Then Becomes Fearless Monster

To say Mike Tyson is a complex man would be an absolute understatement. We’ve seen so many different incarnations and sides of the world-class fighter. Nowadays, Iron Mike seems like a happy man who is loving life. But throughout his early years in boxing, he seemed to be battling not only his opponents but also his inner demons. A throwback video from when Mike Tyson was a young up-and-coming boxer shows that Iron Mike was afraid just like everyone else.

This incredible video from the early 1980s features a very emotional and unconfident Mike Tyson who had a slight breakdown before an amateur fight. Tyson walks out of the arena and is seen crying outside. Tyson’s trainer Teddy Atlas chases him down and consoles him. Atlas calms the menacing man who’s fists are lethal weapons and then builds him up in preparation for the fight. Moments later, Tyson is completely pumped up and swinging those furious fists. Tyson transforms into a fearless monster and easily thrashes his opponent then jumps with euphoria after his victory. Even Mike Tyson, the most feared man on the planet at one time, has fears and doubt, but obliterated them as quickly as he disposed of his adversaries.