Tiger Woods’ Exes Were Reportedly ‘Deliberately Kept Away From Each Other’ At The Kentucky Derby, Looked Hot AF

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The media killed Tiger Woods. In a sports landscape plagued with real crimes like domestic abuse, firearm possession, and Aaron Hernandez, the media dragged Tiger through the coals for serially cheating on his wife–a crime that is immoral, but in the grand scheme, likely ubiquitous for professional athletes. He was relentlessly shamed by stiff golf talking heads who desperately needed him to be the sport’s Golden Boy and labeled a ‘sex addict,’ or as I call it ‘opportunistic.’ They say golf is played on a five and a half inch course: the space between your ears, and the general public fucked Tiger’s mind like he fucked anything with four limbs.

The fiery heat from the scandal has cooled in time, but not without playing a role in dismantling the former best player in the world’s game to the point of seemingly no return.

The reminisce of jilted lovers reared its ugly head most recently at the Kentucky Derby this past weekend, as Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren and former girlfriend Lindsey Vonn were deliberately kept apart at the Kentucky Derby, sources claim.

According to Page Six,

While Nordegren and Vonn have been friendly in the past, party organizers were instructed not to seat the Olympic skier anywhere near the former Mrs. Woods, we hear.

“The staff was being told over a walkie-talkie that Lindsey was on her way over and must be put in a different area from Elin,” said a source. “They were very clear about that.”

Regardless of potential bad blood, Vonn and Nordegren solidified themselves as two of the biggest head turners at the Derby.

142nd Kentucky Derby - Red Carpet

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142nd Kentucky Derby - Arrivals

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I think these two are going to be just fine.

[h/t Page Six]