So…Tiger Woods Is Probably Going To Play In The Masters, Right?

by 2 years ago

Tiger Woods
The Masters is only a few short weeks away and every golf fan is dying to know if Tiger Woods is going to play. Like it or not, he is still the biggest name in golf and those of us who grew up idolizing him can’t seem to let go. As much as I love the new wave of young talent on the PGA Tour, and I do, I will always want to see Woods out there competing. Or, I want him to just retire and bow out gracefully, because it sucks to watch him miss cuts and withdraw from tournaments.

This morning, Woods was on Good Morning America and when he was asked whether he’ll play in the Masters he said, “God, I hope so. I’m trying. I’m trying everything to get back and play.” That is a classic, Tiger Woods non-answer. It was the expected answer, because we all know that Woods is going to break the news of this on his own terms. And that will likely happen on his own website at some time in the next week or so.

Woods answer of “I hope to play” isn’t really something to hang hope on, but there was also this tweet from the Secret Tour Pro. The STP has been wrong before, but he has also accurately predicted a lot of things over the last two years.

Still not convinced Woods will play? Me either. But then there is this video.

Is it just me or is he moving like a guy who isn’t having a ton of back pain? This, of course, doesn’t mean that he isn’t in pain or he can swing a golf club at 120mph. Hell, his ability to move like a normal human being might not mean anything, but he also doesn’t look like the Tiger Woods who was walking like the Tin Man in Dubai. And although it probably shouldn’t, that ability to move gives me hope that we will actually see him competing at the Masters this year. And, just to be perfectly clear, I mean “competing” in the loosest possible sense of the word.

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