Tim Tebow Doesn’t Have Clemson Inside Of His Top 4 Right Now And He’s Not Wrong

tim tebow clemson top 4

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Tim Tebow joined ESPN’s First Take on Friday and gave his opinion on the College Football Playoff and the Top 4 teams in the nation heading into this weekend’s action and there was one team missing from his list, Clemson.

Tebow doesn’t think Clemson would be, or deserves to be, in the College Football Playoff if it started today which will surely ruffle some people’s feathers. He’s a man that has had a fair share of bad takes, but he isn’t wrong here.

“This year’s Clemson team is not last year’s Clemson team — ask all the first-round draft picks that are now playing in the NFL. So we can’t just say what you did last year counts this year. It doesn’t work that way. It’s a new team, a brand-new team, especially a brand-new defense, and they’re not executing and clicking the same on offense.”

Well said, Mr. Tebow. While last year’s national championship means something for Week 1 and preseason rankings for the college football season, we’re now entering Week 8 and the Tigers have not looked like a Top 4 team in the country thus far.

Again, just looking at this season, Clemson’s only impressive win has been a 14-point home victory over an average Texas A&M team. Add a one-point win against North Carolina a week ago and you don’t have the strongest resume; certainly not as strong as Alabama, LSU, Ohio State or Oklahoma this season.

While Alabama’s schedule hasn’t been the strongest either, it has throttled every team its played this season.

LSU just beat a good Florida team by two touchdowns last weekend and has a road win over Texas.

Ohio State has won every game its played by at least 24 points sitting fourth in the country with an average of 49.3 points per game.

Oklahoma, which rounds out Tebow’s Top 4, is averaging over 620 yards per game which leads the nation and just knocked off Texas.

All four teams he lists have a stronger resume than Clemson at the moment. This all could (and probably will) change in the coming weeks, but if the College Football Playoff started tomorrow, leaving Clemson out isn’t the hottest of takes.