Tim Tebow Visits A Texas State Prison And Gets Smoked In Push-Up Contest

tim tebow push up contest

Getty Image

Tim Tebow is in crazy good shape. You look at the guy, in his two sizes two-small shirts and know he can move some weight around; Heisman Trophy winners usually have that in common.

Not only does Tebow look good, but he’s a pretty stand-up guy as well, which anyone reading this already knows. The 32-year-old was doing his regular good guy thing earlier this week visiting Alfred Hughes Prison in Texas. He’s been doing work with prisons around America for years now, but this visit was a little different.

One of the inmates challenged Tebow to a push-up contest. When you see his challenger in the video you can quickly see the guy has done some push-ups in his day, his forearms are massive and the dude is just cut. Tebow has of course done some push-ups over the years too, but nothing quite like this guy.

The inmate absolutely smokes Tebow and at the end of the contest looks like he’s still got at least another 20 in him.

Utter domination.

Do you think the inmate will remember that moment for the rest of his life, or what? He may honestly be the one guy on the planet that can truthfully say he beat a Heisman winner in a push-up contest and beat him bad on top of it.

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