Cut By The Eagles, Tim Tebow Makes His Return To The SEC Network And Continues To Live The Dream

If you want to know why so many dudes love to take shots at Tim Tebow, this might be one reason—as soon as he loses his job, he has something already lined up waiting for him.

Seriously, it’s like that bro from college who did jack shit all four or five years, knowing that he would inherit his dad’s business at some point in life, letting him coast through classes, studying, internships and other jobs because he always had something to fall back on.

Yep, that just about sums up Tim Tebow in my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, Tebow is a hell of an athlete who accomplished a ton while in college at Florida, but how in the fuck hasn’t he learned how to properly throw a football yet?

Anyway, in a statement released today, the SEC Network announced that the former Heisman Trophy winner will resume his role as an analyst on SEC Nation starting this week for the Georgia-Vandy game.

According to the statement, ESPN Executive Vice President John Wildhack said:

“Tim quickly developed into an excellent analyst last year, and we were not shy about acknowledging his home at ESPN should he be available to return.”

Yep, sounds like a dad protecting his son to me.


After getting cut just last weekend during the final roster trimming by the Philadelphia Eagles, it didn’t take long for Tebow to get back into football—even if it’s not actually on the gridiron—as ESPN continued to suck him off and cup his balls by giving him a golden seat to talk SEC football, just as they did in December 2013 when they first brought him onboard.

With his NFL dreams all but over—if Chip Kelly didn’t want him, who will?—Tebow’s future appears to be on TV in a suit and not in a helmet. But, who knows, maybe Timmy does warrant another look from some team starving for his services.

Regardless, Tebow has it made, able to flip-flop between analyst and the most polarizing backup quarterback in the history of the NFL.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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