5 Tips To Make Your Delts Look Like Fucking Cannonballs

by 4 years ago

Let’s face it – we go to the gym so that it will help us go to bed with more women. Being physically fit and healthy is great for many reasons, but those weights and machines would be collecting a lot of dust if all women announced collectively that they hate muscles on their men.

So to make this goal one that will come faster and more often, you have to realize a very important factor: perception goes a long way when it comes to looking physically fit. And one just happens to be wide shoulders – they make you look bigger and enhance what may be a weaker connected body part, such as your arms.

A great benefit about shoulders is that they are worked as a secondary muscle with a lot of other body parts, especially chest. So you are hitting them a lot more than on just delt day.

Since they are getting taxed more than once a week regardless if you intend to do that, take advantage of that fact and utilize your shoulder workout to emphasize each and every part of the muscle.

Here are five tips to take with you to the gym when you’re doing shoulders:


Be smart and get your shoulders warmed up (even if you do warm-up sets) with working sets for the rear delts. This is an exercise that is difficult to do and needs to be done with proper form or else you will not have enough range of motion to hit the rear part.

So do four sets of whatever rear delt movement you prefer before moving on to the staple press exercises.


These are the mass building compound movements that you need to do and can choose to do them both in the same workout or switch back and forth between the two. Doing these before you’re shoulders are warmed up is like pulling out of the parking spot in the winter before the pistons are lubricated with motor oil.

The shoulders are one of the most injury-prone parts of the body, so take some precautions and not do the press movements first.


This exercise is the one that either makes or breaks your shoulders and their overall appearance. It’s the perfect isolation movement for the side delts and will give you that all-important perception we mentioned earlier.

The key to this exercise is to not allow the weights to touch your outer thighs (if performed standing) or the bench (for seated) in order to extend the time under tension and not give the shoulder any rest, even in between reps, by holding the weight away.


Front dumbbell raises or using a 45-pound plate will work the last part of the shoulders. This is another exercise where keeping the weight away from your body will work the muscle to its fullest.

5. SHRUGS – DAY 1 OF 2

Your traps are very important towards giving your upper body an overall muscular appearance and performing a shrug exercise (at least 4 sets) on both shoulder and back day will help get you there.

There are so many different ways to work your traps that you can avoid doing the same exercise two weeks in a row.

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