Titans Fans Are Destroying Any Rumors Of The Team’s Interest In Jimmy Garoppolo

Titans Fans Destroying Rumors Of Team's Interest In Jimmy Garoppolo

Getty Image / Ronald Martinez

The NFL season is nearly upon us and Jimmy Garoppolo has yet to find a new home. With the San Francisco 49ers handing the reigns to Trey Lance, rumors continue to swirl around Garoppolo’s departure. One of those rumors has the Tennessee Titans acquiring the veteran quarterback but the fanbase just isn’t having it with Ryan Tannehill under center.

Titans Fans Go Off On Jimmy Garoppolo Rumors

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Jordan Schultz name-dropped some teams he claims are interested in Jimmy Garoppolo. One of them is the Tennessee Titans. Even though Schultz claims the franchise is interested in the 49ers quarterback, the fanbase isn’t buying it at all.

Considering Ryan Tannehill is the starting quarterback and is good in his own right, it’s hard to imagine the Titans pulling the trigger in acquiring Garoppolo. Additionally, Malik Willis played well in the final two games of the preseason, providing plenty of hype for Titans fans to be excited about.

For that reason, the fanbase shot down these rumors immediately. Check out what Titans fans had to say about the rumors.

Just speaking financially, the Titans trading for Jimmy Garoppolo just isn’t fathomable. Additionally, why would Tennessee bring in another veteran quarterback when they already have Tannehill leading the way? Rumors are rumors, but it would be extremely shocking for this franchise to bring in Garoppolo this year.

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