Titus O’Neil WWE Suspension Reduced To 60 Days, Which Is Still 59 Days Too Many

by 4 years ago

The suspension of Titus O’Neil just keeps getting more ridiculous, and NFL-like, with each passing hour. On Tuesday, the WWE superstar was suspended for 90 days for “unprofessional conduct” stemming from an incident after Monday’s live Raw broadcast. O’Neil pulled Vince McMahon in a playful manner as the WWE owner passed him on his way back to the dressing room. When O’Neill arrived for a Smackdown taping the next day, he was told about the suspension.

According to Wrestling Observer, O’Neill’s suspension was knocked down to 60 days. O’Neill issued a statement about his suspension on his Instagram account.

Rumors about exactly why O’Neil was suspended are running rampant and most border on ridiculous. Fans are doing every from crying racism (the WWE issued a statement denying those allegations) to speculating it’s part of a storyline. A recent theory on the suspension reduction stems from former WWE star and best friend of O’Neil, Dave Batista, going on Twitter with his advice to his pal being to just ask for his release.

O’Neil seems to be well liked in the locker room and does a ton of charity work on behalf of the WWE. He even feeds the homeless on his days off.

O’Neil is genuinely sorry for whatever he did, even texting someone high up in the company that he “feels like shit” for what he did.

There has to be more to the story, but if we’re taking it at face value, it’s just another lesson in company politics. Whatever your job, don’t cross the boss. And definitely don’t put your hands on him.

[via FW Online]

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