76ers Forward Tobias Harris Shows What A Cheat Day Looks Like At His Glorious San Diego Crib

  • Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris lives in paradise (San Diego) in the off season and here he shows us how he spends his cheat days
  • On this episode of ‘Cheat Day’ by Whistle, Harris tells us how he grinds 6 days a week in the offseason but indulges his inner foodie with his sister when he gets a cheat day
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If you’re me, every day is a cheat day. If you are Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris who has earned an estimated $135,604,355 over 10 seasons in the NBA, cheat days are rare because your body is a Ferrari.

Again, if you’re me, every day is the offseason and I’m free to treat my body like every day is bacchanal. But Tobias Harris is working hard and grinding six days a week even in the offseason to ensure he’s in PEAK physical condition once the NBA season commences. It also means that the 7th day, the Cheat Day, is a whole lot sweeter for him than for someone like me who treats every day like a holiday.

In this episode of ‘Cheat Day’ by Whistle, Tobias Harris takes us through what his perfect off day is like at his home in San Diego. He and his sister are self-described ‘foodies’ which is something I relate to.

I’m not even a Knicks fan, but hearing Tobias say his favorite place to play is The Garden hurts. Why can’t the Knicks just be good for a sustained period of time? They’ve been ranked as the most valuable NBA franchise for years because of their deal with Madison Square Garden + TV network. The city of New York deserves better. Last season was the first time the Knicks finished with a winning record since the 2012-13 season and hopefully, it’s a sign of things to come. But I digress…

They hit Tobias with a couple of interesting questions about his personal life and this episode of ‘Cheat Day’ ends up being one of my favorites, and not just because it encouraged me to get out and order KFC for lunch today. It’s always interesting to see how extremely wealthy professional athletes spend their downtime.

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Tobias Harris Cheat Day