Tom Brady Rips Haters In Instagram Exchange With Jacoby Brissett, Giant Coat Somehow Gets Bigger

Tom Brady And Jacoby Brissett Appear To Rip Haters On Instagram

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has apparently decided to follow the path the GOAT Michael Jordan used to follow by manufacturing slights against him as motivational fuel for this year’s NFL playoffs.

After crushing the Chargers on Sunday to advance to the AFC Championship game for the eighth straight season, Brady told Tracy Wolfson and everyone watching when asked about facing the Chiefs, “It will be a good game, they’re a good team, and we played them earlier this year. I know, you know, everyone thinks we suck, and you know, we can’t win any games. So, we’ll see. It’ll be fun.”

Those poor Patriots… never getting their due, amirite, Tom?

Apparently, I am, because Brady was still feeling it late Sunday night when he posted this photo to Instagram…

“945 am this morning – Today was the only one that mattered. Thank you Pats Nation/Foxboro for a fun 2018 season at home! We are on to K.C. #LFG P.s. Still here,” wrote Brady.

This statement moved Brady’s former backup and currrent member of the Indianapolis Colts Jacoby Brissett to comment, “F.E.A!!” and Brady wholeheartedly agreed.

So what does F.E.A. stand for? Take a wild guess, but based on Brady’s recent saltiness, more than likely it means “F**k ’em all.”

In related Tom Brady news, did his comically-oversized warmup coat somehow manage to get even bigger on Sunday?!

I think that it might have.

According to the number-crunchers over at SB Nation, at this rate of growth, in nine weeks, Brady’s coat will be 8.5 feet wide — taking up the entire Patriots’ bench.


[Larry Brown Sports]

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