A Man Stole A Tom Brady Jersey Worth $10k From The Patriots Hall Of Fame, Got Caught Wearing It Under His Jacket

tom brady jersey stolen

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A Tom Brady has been stolen, again. A few years ago somebody stole Brady’s game-worn Super Bowl jersey just moments after the Patriots beat the Falcons, but this time the jersey that was jacked wasn’t even a game-worn one.

According to AP, a 33-year-old man simply took the jersey – worth $10,000 – off of the display and walked out of the Patriots Hall of Fame with it. Bold strategy.

Authorities say a Rhode Island man visiting the New England Patriots Hall of Fame took a Tom Brady jersey off a display and walked off with it.

Zanini Cineus, of Providence, was freed on personal recognizance after a not guilty plea to a larceny charge was entered on his behalf at his arraignment Thursday.

Police say the 33-year-old was wearing the jersey under his jacket when he was apprehended Thursday still in the vicinity of the hall of fame.

Police say the signed jersey is worth $10,000. The team says it had not been worn in a game.

This is one of those scenarios where the man may have thought the simpler the better. I imagine him sitting down one day and thinking to himself ‘there’s no way they’ll actually think someone would just walk in, grab the jersey and walk out’ but that plan fell through real fast.

Also, a signed non-game jersey of Brady’s is worth $10,000 apparently. So what are we thinking a game-worn jersey is worth, it’s gotta be at least triple. After this fiasco, they may have to put that type of memorabilia in a case where geniuses like this guy can’t get their hands on it.