Tom Brady Hilariously Owns Josh Allen After The Bills QB Took A Dig At His Golf Game

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  • Josh Allen took a dig at Tom Brady’s golf game
  • Which led Brady to body bag Allen on Twitter
  • The result was a hilarious social media interaction

Josh Allen has not learned his lesson about taking shots at Tom Brady. The Bills signal caller was at it again on Thursday, calling out Brady’s golf game (or lack thereof).

The two competed against one another recently at The Match, which led to some friendly banter from both sides. Brady and partner Aaron Rodgers defeated Allen and Patrick Mahomes to win the six-hole tournament.

That loss didn’t stop Allen from taking a dig at Brady’s skills on the course.

The passer appeared on the Bussin’ with the Boys podcast to talk a little football ahead of the upcoming season. Somehow the group got on the topic of golf, referencing that previous matchup.

Host Will Compton asked Allen to rank the four quarterbacks based on their play in the event. Allen was not complimentary of Brady.

Compton: “If you had to rate each guy, how are you ranking you guys as far as your golf skills?”

Allen: “I’d say Aaron, Pat, myself, and………. [long pause]………. Tom.”

Allen points to the floor as he ranks Brady, saying he was by far the worst player on the course.

It didn’t take long for the Super Bowl winning QB to respond.

Tom Brady owns Josh Allen after Twitter dig

It didn’t take too long for Brady to respond to the dig from Allen. He gave it right back to Allen on Twitter.

“Love this confidence after moving to 0-5 all time head-to-head. This is why Josh will succeed in this league!”

Brady has beaten Allen every time they’ve faced off on the gridiron, and now, he’s undefeated against him on the golf course, too.

The joke was all made in fun, and the two laughed about it afterwards.

Still, Allen might want to stop taking shots until he’s able to take Brady down… at literally anything.