This Old Tom Brady Interview After Being Drafted By The Patriots Proves He Was Destined To Be The GOAT

tom brady new england patriots 2000 nfl draft

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Tom Brady might be the GOAT nowadays, but back in the 2000 NFL Draft, the Michigan product was nothing more than a sixth-round pick (No. 199th overall, to be exact), who was going to a New England Patriots team with a quarterback named Drew Bledsoe — a former No. 1 overall pick and perennial Pro Bowler. To say that the odds were stacked against Brady becoming a starter is an understatement. Yet, as we all know, the now six-time Super Bowl champ worked his ass off, waited for his chance and, when Bledsoe went down with a devastating injury, Tom Brady stepped in and took advantage of the opportunity.

Obviously, Tom Brady’s story is well-known, and one of the more inspiring in sports. The guy might be Goliath now, but 19 years ago, he was David, the underdog who just needed a chance. When Brady got his, he went for it, but it was because of his preparation and mentality from the jump that helped get him ready for that moment.

Since yesterday, April 16, was the 19th anniversary of the Patriots drafting Tom Brady, there have been a lot of things bouncing around the Internet talking about how lucky the franchise got. Oh, and don’t think it’s lost on me that the date’s also head coach Bill Belichick’s birthday, which, if we’re being honest, has to go down as the best birthday gift ever — Tom Brady as his quarterback.

With all the the stuff out there about the day Tom Brady ended up on the Patriots, one of his first interviews following getting drafted is one that has to be listened to again. Sure, Brady slipped in the draft and fell all the way to the sixth-round, but he always has faith in himself, almost expecting that he’d be where he is today. Take a listen to the interview below, which the Pats’ Twitter account posted.

To say that Tom Brady was ready is 100 percent fact. He put in the work and believed he was going to do great things, even after the odds were against him. Remember, this is the same guy who prepared a resume for a sales job just in case his dream of playing in the NFL didn’t work out. To think the GOAT could be selling insurance instead of still slinging footballs and winning championships is absurd. It took some luck, but Tom Brady seized the opportunity he always thought would come for him. That’s pretty cool.


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