We Finally Have Closure On Who ‘That Motherf-er’ Is That Tom Brady Was Referring To

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The biggest question going around the NFL may have finally been answered. We now know who “that motherf-er” is that Tom Brady referred to on a 2021 episode of “The Shop.”

But first, let’s recap.

When Tom Brady hit free agency in 2020, there was no shortage of suitors for the future Hall of Fame quarterback. Brady was linked to a number of teams, with the Niners, Raiders, Dolphins and Bucs at the forefront.

Thanks to Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the NFL, we learned that the Miami Dolphins were one of the teams pursuing Brady the hardest. But instead, Miami stuck with journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick and rookie Tua Tagovailoa.

Fitzpatrick claims that he was “that motherf-er” that a team chose over signing Brady. But Brady cleared the air recently, saying that he was not referring to Fitzpatrick, but rather another team and another starter.

We now know how that team and quarterback were.

Jimmy Garoppolo was ‘That Motherf-er’ That Tom Brady Referenced

ESPN’s Seth Wickersham is one of the authorities on the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. Wickersham even literally wrote the book on the Patriots’ dynasty.

So if anyone would know who Brady was talking about, he would be the guy.

Wickersham joined Maggie Gray and Andrew Perloff on CBS Sports Radio recently and debunked all the rumors. He says that the “motherf-er” Brady was referring to was unquestionably Jimmy Garoppolo.

Honestly, that news shouldn’t come as a surprise. Brady is a California boy and reports stated that he badly wanted to play for the Niners at the time. And who better to judge Garoppolo’s capabilities than his former longtime teammate?

But the revelation finally puts to bed one of the biggest mysteries in the NFL. As for Jimmy G, he’s doing pretty well for himself these days with a new contract in San Francisco.