Tom Brady Ditched Patriots Camp To Throw Footballs Off A Mega Yacht In Monaco

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Unless you’re one of the luckiest people on the planet, there’s a good chance that you’ve attended an “optional” company gathering on your own free time because your superiors made it very clear it would have been mandatory if they had been able to put it into your contract. They usually lure you in with the promise of enough free booze to make a retreat weekend filled with team-building activities as tolerable as possible, but I don’t think most people would choose to spend their weekend surrounded by every single one of their coworkers if they had literally any other options on the table.

However, when you’ve paid your dues, you no longer have to make up a wedding you totally “forgot” you RSVPed to in order to skip out on optional work events. Based on his résumé, I think Tom Brady has earned the right to skip out on organized team activities in favor of doing his own thing— especially when that thing is hanging out on a giant yacht in Monaco.

Over the weekend, Brady headed to the south of France for the Monaco Grand Prix, which sounds like a much better way to spend your Memorial Day Weekend than taking snaps at a practice field in Western Massachusetts. However, that didn’t mean Brady abstained from all football-related activities.

At a yacht party before the race, Brady chucked a few passes to Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, whose ticket for entry was catching a boat-to-boat toss from the Patriots QB.

This would easily be the best thing a Patriots player has done on a yacht if Gronk hadn’t been in the Entourage movie.

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