Fans React To Tom Brady’s ‘Final’ Touchdown Ball Going Back Up For Auction

Tom Bradys Final Touchdown Ball Going Back Up For Auction Reactions

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Back on January 23, 2022, Tom Brady threw what the world of sports thought was the final touchdown pass of the legendary quarterback’s career. It was also Brady’s 86th career playoff touchdown, an NFL record.

The football that was thrown to Mike Evans ended up in the hands of a fan in the stands when the wide receiver handed the ball to someone in the crowd. (Evans also did this with Brady’s 600th touchdown pass, but they managed to get that ball back from the fan.)

It was eventually sold off in an auction that began on Super Bowl Sunday and ended up fetching $518,000.

Or, well, it did until less than one day after the collector made the massive bid and Tom Brady announced that he was actually not going to retire. Whoops!

Brady’s un-retirement immediately left the buyer, according to his attorney, “genuinely mortified” and looking to void the sale.

Thankfully for him, Lelands auction house allowed him to do so after he and the seller mutually agreed to void the sale.

Lelands also, in announcing the sale cancellation, said that their were still “multiple parties interested in purchasing the football” and so they were hanging on to it.

Tom Brady’s “final” touchdown ball is available for purchase again

Fast forward a little over four months and, yep, Tom Brady’s final, but not final, touchdown ball is going back on the auction block.

Billed as “Tom Brady’s Last Pre-Retirement Touchdown Football,” the starting bid for the ball is now $25,000.

“Though the perspective has changed, this remains a magnificent piece nonetheless. For 40 days, this stood as one of the most significant game used footballs in history,” reads the listing.

It also states, “It is worth noting, however, that at this point in time, TB12 has not yet returned to the gridiron, and should things change between now and the start of the season, this could, in fact, still be Brady’s final touchdown ball.”

And guess what? Someone has already placed a bid.

Reactions to the football going back up for auction, which runs through September 17th, have been pretty entertaining.

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