Tom Pelissero Roasts Ian Rapoport On Live TV And Ian Takes It Like A Champ

Ian Rapoport

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

Ian Rapoport, Mike Garafolo, and Tom Pelissero tend to poke fun at each other sometimes on the NFL Network.

However, Pelissero chose to roast Rapoport on live television for no apparent reason. Luckily, Ian took it like a champ.

There they were, standing alongside Steve Wyche providing an update on what’s going on in the league. That’s when Tom Pelissero took his shot.

That was a bit uncalled for, right? I mean, it came out of nowhere.

But Ian Rapoport stood firm and refused to get off of the box. He even owned it on TV and later on Twitter. That’s the type of move you love to see from a short king.

With that said, NFL fans shared their reactions to the clip. Some thought it was funny, while others found Pelissero’s comments to be out of pocket.

Do Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport have beef?

Hold up. Is this true?

Is there more to the story?

Who really knows the true height of these guys? According to an article written by OutKick, Pelissero stands at 5’10” while Rapoport is 5’8″.

If that’s the case, Ian Rapoport might be standing on like a two-inch box. It might even be smaller than that.

Oh well. Tom Pelissero got his roast in and Rapoport took it like a champ.