Ex-Vikings QB Tommy Kramer Installed A Packers Urinal In His House And Green Bay Fans Are Pissed

Tommy Kramer Angers Green Bay Fans With Packers Urinal

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  • Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tommy Kramer showed off his new Packers urinal and Green Bay fans are…pissed off
  • Kramer recently upgraded the one he had installed in his home in 2020 and showed it off in a video featuring another piece of decor that got Packers supporters riled up
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In the mid-1990s, America found its roads littered with vehicles sporting decals featuring the titular troublemaker from the Calvin and Hobbes comics urinating on a wide array of logos, words, and phrases after people across the country latched onto the impressively immature fad that allowed them to permanently air their grievances on their rear window.

That trend was a reflection of the almost universally held belief that peeing on something is one of the most disrespectful ways to express your disdain for a particular concept (although if I’ve learned anything during my time on the internet, it’s that there’s a small community of people who feel the exact opposite is true).

That reality has been reflected on multiple occasions thanks to a stunt you may have personally encountered if you’ve ever used the men’s room at a sporting event. In 2018, fans in Philadelphia lived up to their reputation when Sidney Crosby’s face showed up in urinals at Wells Fargo Center during a playoff series between the Flyers and the Penguins, and Matt Damon received the same treatment during a bowl game sponsored by Jimmy Kimmel.

A couple of years ago, former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tommy Kramer really committed to the bit when he revealed he’d installed a shrine to a bitter rival in his bathroom in the form of a yellow urinal emblazoned with the Green Bay Packers logo.

Over the weekend, Kramer reignited the longtime rivalry when he revealed he’d decided to upgrade the fixture that he proudly showed off in a video (where you can also see a picture of Aaron Rodgers lying on the turf after having his collarbone broken during a game against the Vikings in 2017 hanging above the urinal)

If he was trying to piss off Green Bay fans, it’s safe to say he succeeded based on the flood of angry reactions he received.

It might not be the classiest bathroom in the world, but I’d argue all is fair in love and football rivalries.

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