‘Top 10 Best Fishing Clips Of 2015’ Is The Only Year-In-Review Video Worth Watching


YouTube / BlacktipH

2015 was one hell of a year for fishing across the globe. We saw multiple fishing world records broken, some of the biggest blue marlin caught in the history of rod-and-reel fishing, and all sorts of action from sharks. That’s from all across the world, the clip below is the ‘Top 10 Best Fishing Clips of 2016’ from the YouTube channel BlacktipH, one of the premiere fishing shows on the web. If that name rings a bell it’s because these are the dudes that caught countless sharks last summer with the bros from DudePerfect, a video you might’ve seen here on BroBible:

If you’re a regular BroBible reader then you might’ve noticed by now that I’m a bit of a fishing junkie. Growing up on an island in Southwest Florida put the salt in my veins, and I’ve been stoked to learn over the past few years that millions of our readers are just as fish-crazy as I am. So apologies if you’re not one of the readers that’s into fishing, but you should know that this video’s not for you.

I say this because going into 2016 I want to invite you bros to send me your fishing content any time. If you’ve got a badass picture or video you want to be featured on BroBible just hit me up on Twitter and it might end up here on the site and/or on the BroBible Instagram (which I run along with my fellow editor Brandon). All you gotta do is drop me a line on my Twitter, which you can find below: