Tracy McGrady Jokes That He Was Born Too Early, Shares Why He’d Love To Play In Today’s NBA

tracy mcgrady comments todays nba

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  • Tracy McGrady thinks he would fit right into today’s NBA.
  • The Hall of Famer joked that he was born too early in a recent interview.
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Tracy McGrady averaged over 20 points per game in eight of his 17 NBA seasons, which includes the 2002-03 campaign when he averaged 32 points per night. The man was an elite NBA player for a full decade in early 2000’s, but he thinks he would have been even better if he got to play in today’s NBA.

McGrady recently joined Ashley Nicole Moss of Sports Illustrated and joked that he was born way too early. He wishes that he had a shot to play in today’s league, which is a lot less physical than it was 10-15 years ago.

“I had a conversation with my mom that she had me way too early, way too early. I would love to be in today’s game,” McGrady explained. “The lack of physicality, the amount of 3s these guys get to shoot, the space they get to play with. It’s just a positionless basketball game right now where a guy like myself and Kevin Durant can play the five position. You couldn’t do that in my era. You would get crushed.”

Nothing but facts from the 42-year-old.

While you might imagine that McGrady’s comments mean that he doesn’t like the way the game is played today, it’s actually the opposite. He went on to explain that he doesn’t have a problem with how offensive-forward the NBA is.

“I’m an offensive player, I’m a one-on-one player, so the advantage goes to me,” McGrady said. “I averaged 32 [points] in a tough, physical, tight, paint-era. So imagine what I would do in today’s game.”

It really would be a spectacle to watch an in-his-prime McGrady take the hardwood today. Even at 42, he may be able to produce some numbers in today’s game. Just a couple of years ago he explained that he would average up to 40 points per game in the league back then.