New Trailer Released For ‘Vick’, The Documentary Chronicling Michael Vick’s Rise, Fall and (Somewhat) Rise

Michael Vick is one of those personalities that will just not go away. People seem to forget just how long he’s been running around the publicity track. He had his college years, his time with the Falcons, his arrest and trial, his prison sentence his comeback and now his second career. From a PR standpoint, his guy has already used up about 11 of his 9 lives. Also, is he really worth keeping in the spotlight. Yes, he was very good on the Falcons, but he was by no means the next big thing. Half of the reason remember him being so good was because that year’s Madden made him the best rusher and passer in the game, essentially making him the best player in the game. Why do we keep talking about him? The guy had his shot, did bad things and got caught. Where did his second chance come from?

It seems like Bleacher Report‘s upcoming documentary, “Vick”, seeks to answer most of these questions. Maybe more, maybe less. I’ll definitely watch it, but I’ll be mad the whole time. Because fuck you, Mike Vick. You killed dogs and now you’re still making more money than I ever will. Eat a dick.