Trash-Talking Power Slap Competitor Gets Knocked Out Seconds After Taunting Opponent

Power Slap trash talk

Power Slap

Power Slap seems like one of those sports where you probably don’t want to talk trash before you get slapped in the face.

Last week, Power Slap held their second live event from the UFC Apex, which aired live on the Rumble app.

In one of the viral clips from the event, a trash talking competitor could be heard saying “that’s the only one you’re getting, you better make it good” before his opponent was going to slap him.

Unfortunately for the trash talker he got an instant dose of karma when he got knocked out by his opponent.

The same event also featured an absurd super heavyweight match between social media influencer Slap For Cash and Da Hawaiian Hitman.

In that match, the 460-poind Slap for Cash got knocked out and had to be helped off the canvas by two strong man competitors.

It’s currently unclear if Power Slap will take off in the mainstream but it’s clear that league produces non-stop viral clips for social media.

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