Fans Flip After Seeing Travis Kelce Spike The Lombardi Trophy On Draft Weekend

Travis Kelce holds the Lombardi Trophy at a Chiefs Super Bowl celebration.

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Travis Kelce stunned fans on NFL Draft weekend as he had absolutely no regard for the Chiefs‘ Lombardi Trophy. The tight end was seen using the Super Bowl crown as his own personal ice luge.

He casually chugged a beer while pouring it down the side of the trophy before spiking the championship hardware on stage. The wild scene quickly went viral on social media.

The pass catcher was performing in front of fans at his “Kelce Jam” event in Kansas City. This debut music festival, which occurred over the NFL Draft weekend, saw on-stage acts like Rick Ross and Machine Gun Kelly.

It was Kelce, himself, who stole the show, though.

While standing in front of his audience, the Pro Bowler downed a beer using the Lombardi Trophy as a prop. He then showed fans that patented touchdown spike with the trophy taking the place of the football.


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Fans immediate rushed to social media to post their reactions.

Some were stunned at the act.

One person wrote, “Buddy is 34 and acts like he’s 19…” Another follower asked, “Isn’t that trophy supposed to mean something?”

Others, however, enjoyed the moment.

This fan said, “Best TE ever!!! Fighting for his right to party!!”

Then, there were those that questioned if he used the actual Lombardi Trophy for his performance. Most believe he didn’t.

A viewer posted, “Obviously not the real one,” in response to seeing the clip. Many others agreed.

Real or not, the spike caught the attention of the sports world. Travis Kelce is enjoying the offseason, as well as that championship win.

He’ll hope to get the Chiefs back to the Super Bowl next season.