Trent Dilfer LOST HIS MIND On One Of His High School Football Players During A Blowout Win

  • Trent Dilfer is the head coach at a private high school in Tennessee and doesn’t like it when his players talk back.
  • He went off on one of his players during a blowout win on Friday.
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14-year NFL quarterback and Super Bowl XXXV champion Trent Dilfer doesn’t settle for anything less than excellence. The 49-year-old California-native is currently the head high school football coach at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, Tennessee and he is off to a hot start in 2021— in more ways than one.

Dilfer loses his mind but wins the game:

Not only have the Mustangs caught fire in their first two games with a 2-0 record by a combined score of 138-14, but Dilfer was heated. Early in the first half of Friday’s win over Independence, one of Dilfer’s players spoke back to the head coach and he didn’t take kindly to the backtalk.

That’s putting it lightly. Dilfer lost his mind.

The player in question, wearing No. 4, is Lipscomb’s starting tight end Beau Dawson. He is the son of 20-year NFL veteran Phil Dawson, who played with Dilfer on the Browns and is friends with the head coach from his playing days.

Both Beau and Phil have a long-standing relationship with Dilfer. The two families are tight and Dilfer has taken Beau under his wing.

Dawson was the second-to-last active NFL player from the 1990s before retiring from the game in 2018. Today, he is the special teams coordinator for the Mustangs under Dilfer. His son was the player on the wrong end of the impassioned exchange.

In response to the incident, Dilfer and Lipscomb released the following statement:

The scene unfolded late in the first quarter. Lipscomb held a 28-7 lead and went on to win 62-7.

It is unclear exactly what was said, but the exchange unfolded after the player spoke back to Dilfer on the sideline.

According to Caden Thieman, a wide receiver and slotback on the team, it happened after Dawson ran the wrong route. He commented on the video and explained what he saw from his vantage point:

“Beau ran the wrong route and was coming off the field and said something to Dilfer and he lost it”

Thieman can’t remember what Beau said, but he reiterated that Beau and Dilfer are very close.

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